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8:15-9:00AM – Coffee & Fellowship
9:00-10:00AM – Sunday School
10:15AM – Worship Service
Our time is spent in class studying the Bible and sharing our struggles and triumphs together. Our worship service is a blend of contemporary praise and traditional hymns, followed by a biblical message. Casual dress is the normal attire.
The Nursery/Childcare
is available during Sunday school and
the church service. Children under two
are cared for in the nursery.
During the church service, two year
olds are cared for in the
toddler nursery.
Children’s Church
is for 3 year olds through
2nd grade. They meet during the
worship service. The children enjoy
singing, Bible lessons and
hands on activities.
Sunday School Classes
Age 2 Class – Room #121
Teachers – Annette Forry
This class will be studying:
“God helps us”
“God wants us to share”
“Obey God”
Preschool (3&4) – Room #8
Teachers – Jessica Leaman, Mary Martin, Nancy Craul
This class will be studying:
“God helps us be kind”
“We tell God we’re sorry when we do wrong things”
“God is always with us”
Pre-K – Kindergarten – Room #7
Teachers – Jen Rimert
This class will be studying:
“Worship God Only”
“God takes care of us”
“The Bible shows us how to live”
1st & 2nd Grade – Room #10
Teacher – Nicole Herr, Marie A. Breneman, Doris Leaman
This class will be studying:
“We can rely on God”
“Trust God completely”
“God gives us wisdom”
3rd – 5th Grade – Room #9
Teachers – Dave Stewart, Pam Breneman
This class will be studying:
“Choose to serve God”
“When we feel alone, God is with us”
“God wants us to be faithful”
Jr. High Youth – Room #211
(6th to 8th Grade)
Teacher – Eric Herr
This class will be studying:
“God wants us to repent when we sin”
“A self-centered attitude hurts God and others”
“Be devoted to God”
Senior High Youth (9-12) – Room #217
Teachers – Chad Kilheffer
This class will be studying:
Various Biblical Studies
Post High & College Age – Room #206
Teacher – Jeremy Peifer

This class is for those in the years beyond high school, whether in college, working, or other life journeys.

Young Adults – Room #214
Teacher – Tyler Herr

This class is for young adults and couples. This group spends time together talking about life, praying together and dialoguing about scripture in a way that really challenges us to think.

Mixed Adults (Any Age) – Community Room
Teacher – Nate & Terah Kennel
We are a group who enjoy sharing life together! We meet
Sunday mornings and also enjoy fellow-shipping
outside of our class. Our desire is to be open and
honest with each other about our relationships,
struggles and triumphs.
Mixed Adults  – Room #201-202
Teacher – Jim Hostetter Jr.

Our class is a multi-generational class in our 30’s to 50’s. We encourage lots of participation in the lesson. Our study will be on the book of Matthew.

Mixed Adults  – Room #213
Our class members are in our 50’s and 60’s. We have a Bible study and a time of sharing.
Our study will be on the book of Matthew.
Mixed Adults – Room #210
Teacher – John Ebersole, Keith Newswanger
Class members are in there 50’s and 60’s.
Our study will be on the book of Matthew.
Mixed Adults – Room #123
(“Friends & Neighbors”)
Teacher – Lem Metzler

Our class is in our 50’s to 70’s. We understand the Gospel to be not just facts to believe, but the way to live. We will be studying “Responding to God’s Grace”

Mixed Adults – Room #216
(“Salt & Light”)
Teacher – Thelma Thomas
The Salt & Light class is men and women in their 70’s and 80’s who encourage and challenge one another to grow in their faith through an everyday relationship with God. We study scripture and enjoy getting together at other times for service projects or “fun, food and fellowship”. Our study will be on the book
of Matthew.
Ladies Class – Room #212
(“Shining Lights”)
Teacher – Deb Kilheffer
The Shining Lights class is made up of women age 60 and older. We are a warm, friendly group and would welcome others who would like to join us. Although we have studied the Bible for many years, we are still eager to find something new that we can apply to our lives. Our study this quarter will be the “Responding to God’s Grace”.
   Men’s Class – Conference Room
Teacher – Bob Breneman
We are sometimes referred to as the Men’s graduating class since we average over 80 years of age. However, we are still learning, loving and studying God’s Word, encouraging one another and challenging each other as we study. Our study this quarter will be the “Responding to God’s Grace”.