The LED Switch

A tip to saving a bit of money each month is mounted on the wall of just about every room in your house. You guessed it, turning of the light switch when leaving a room can save you some money, which can actually amount to a significant sum over months or years. Another way to reduce your electrical bill is by switching to all LED lighting. LED lighting uses much less electricity, while still giving you the same amount of light (if not more light) than with incandescent bulbs. LED’s are also now available in many different color temperatures, the life of the bulbs are expected to be over 10 years and the bulbs have come down in price considerably. Turning down the temperature in your water heater, making sure your attic space is properly insulated, and possibly updating old appliances can save you additional money each month. These energy efficiency upgrades can have an upfront cost, so it can be good for you to take into consideration how
long you may stay in your house before doing any costly upgrades and what a potential payback for each upgrade.