Buying in Bulk

It may sound simple, but buying in bulk can save you a significant amount of money as long as you are careful as to what you buy in bulk. For instance, non-perishable items are good items to buy in bulk as long as the price-per-unit is lower than buying individual items. Keep in mind, especially when shopping in large warehouse stores, that even though the item is packed in large quantities, sometimes the price-per-unit may actually be MORE than an individually sold item in another store. Many times, the price- per-unit is written near the price of the item, otherwise a calculator can be helpful in determining what is a good deal.
If you decide to purchase perishable items in bulk, make sure you are able to either consume the item before it goes bad or preserve it for the future. Otherwise, if you save 25% on the total cost of the item, but throw out a large amount of the item, you are actually wasting money. Lastly, consider splitting bulk purchases with family and friends. If you split the purchase evenly between all of you, the cost savings can really add up!