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8:15-9:00AM – Coffee & Fellowship
9:00-10:00AM – Sunday School
10:15AM – Worship Service
Our time is spent in class studying the Bible and sharing our struggles and triumphs together. Our worship service is a blend of contemporary praise and traditional hymns, followed by a biblical message. Casual dress is the normal attire.
The Nursery/Childcare
is available for under age 2 during Sunday School and the church service. During the service
2-year-olds may also join them in the nursery.
Children’s Church
is for 3 year olds through 2nd grade. They meet during the worship service. The children enjoy
singing, Bible lessons and hands on activities.
Sunday School Classes
All the children’s classes, age 2 up through Jr. High, explore the same Bible passage each Sunday
at their own level of understanding, allowing families to discuss the Bible story all together.

This quarter, the children will explore stories from Genesis. They will start at the very beginning when
God created the world. Through the stories of Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel, the Tower of Babel and
the flood, the children will see how sin hurts and destroys, but God is also full of grace and
compassion. They will read stories about Abraham and learn how he faithfully followed the Lord.
Preschool – (age 2-3) – Room #5
Teacher: Samantha Leaman
Helper – Tonya Shultz

Pre-K – Kindergarten (age 4+) – Room #8

Teacher: Marie A. Breneman, Makenna Martin

1st – 2nd Grade – Room #7

Teacher – Lindsey Stiger, Jessica Leaman
Helper – Linda Stoltzfus

3rd – 5th Grade – Room #9

Teacher – Greta Short, Dan Herr

*Jr. High Youth – (6th to 8th Grade) – Room #211

Teacher – Eric Herr


*High School – (9th-12th) – Room #217

Teachers – Lora Wenger
Various Biblical Studies
*NOTE: On Sept. 3 & 10, Jr. & Sr. High classes will meet together in room #217, led by Lora Wenger.
Following Pastor Eric’s sabbatical, he will return to teaching the Jr. High on Sept. 17.
Young Adults – Room #123
Questions? – Tyler Herr
Prayer and share time followed by a study in the
book of Galatians from The Gospel Coalition.


Faithweavers – Room #215
Questions? – Cara Kilheffer
Prayer and sharing followed by
a study in the book of Acts.
Mixed Adults – Room #201/202
Questions? – Barry Houser
Shared facilitation on a variety of topics using
RightNow Media. 

Mixed Adults – Room #214

Questions? – Eric Bender

Following the Scripture Press series:
Love in Action – a study in the book of Mark

Mixed Adults – Room #212

Questions? – John Ebersole, Keith Newswanger

Following the Scripture Press series:
Love in Action – a study in the book of Mark

Mixed Adults – Community Room

(“Friends & Neighbors”)

Questions? – Dave & Becky Gochnauer

Following the David C Cook series:
God’s Love is Law – studies in Luke,
John, Acts and various epistles

Mixed Adults – Room #216

(“Salt & Light”)

Questions? – Robert Breneman

Following the Scripture Press series:
Love in Action – studies in the book of Mark